Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still have my fingers!

Week two of the pastry course saw me trying to julienne carrots, finely dice onions, make a tomato concasse, zest an orange then remove neat segments, topped off with wedging a lemon; none of it is as easy as it looks – believe me. 

The French terminology is swimming in my head at the moment; Saturday was a whirlwind of chopping cutting whilst trying to keep a steady pace and most importantly trying to avoid my fingers.  The chef’s knife in my toolkit is scarily sharp, I managed a tiny nick to my index finger on my left hand and spent the day wearing my chefy blue band aid….I can guarantee this is my introduction to a long relationship with blue band aids.

Our chopping and dicing was put to good use in a simple lasagne recipe.  The B├ęchamel sauce topping was divine, a few spoonfuls ended up on my hips…naughty! I’m starting to think I will need to counterbalance all of the eating and take up running again….IMMEDIATELY

I delved into my recipe collection this weekend trying to find something sinfully sweet to make during the week, so far it’s between making macaroons and a recipe for almond biscotti that I chanced upon.  I’ll keep you posted. 

My mind keeps wandering back to a cinnamon and vanilla teacake I made a few weeks ago which was utterly scrumptious, very buttery and it lasted a whole week…I will definitely make that one again!
So many recipes….so much sugar to consume…so little time… :)

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