Wheat free Melbourne

Sometimes it can be really helpful to have a bit of guidance when you are embarking on a new diet, particularly when you are first diagnosed and you feel like you can't eat anything 'normal'.

The following is a list restaurants, cafes, websites that I regularly visit which offer a wheat free/gluten free menu:

  • Just Yummy Gluten Free - A completely gluten free bakery based in Chirnside which makes fantastic gluten free bread, biscuits and slices.
  • Grill'd - a tasty burger bar with gluten free bun options, their online menu details the sauces which are wheat free.
  • Hope farm Bakery - A bakery with a great range of wheat free breads.
  • Casalare Pasta - Casalare produce a great range of wheat free pastas and flours which are very adaptable and easy to use.

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