Monday, October 31, 2011

Kamut Flour Cheese & Chive Scones (wheat free)

Happy Melbourne Cup Day everyone!
Melbourne has a public holiday every year for the Melbourne Cup horse race which is held at Flemington race course.  I attended the Caulfield races a few years ago and relished the opportunity to wear a lovely dress and have some bubbles by the racing track.  This year we decided to spend the day at home and relax, which gave me the inclination to make these Kamut Flour Cheese & Chive scones.

A fitting breakfast for Melbourne Cup
Scones are so simple to make but this is the first time I have tried making them with Kamut Flour.  Kamut is an ancient grain and whilst it still contains gluten it does not contain fructose which makes it suitable for people like myself with fructose malabsorption.  Kamut Flour has a buttery flavour when baked and is ideal for bread rolls and loafs. 

The chives came from my backyard herb garden which I am constantly expanding,  Australia certainly has the climate for an industrious garden and David and I are attempting to make full use of it.  We planted some Zucchinis a few weeks ago so except a mountain of zucchini recipes on here when they start to flower and give us produce.  We also have two strawberry plants which have mountains of strawberries on them waiting to turd red.  We are expecting a race to the plant between ourselves and the local possums so we better get to Bunnings soon and buy a decent net.

Cheese & Chives Scones with strawberries and nectarines

The first crop of nectarines has arrived at the supermarket and I'm not looking forward to the glut of apricots when they are ready.  Its also almost cherry picking season and there is a local cherry farm in Wandin which is expecting a bumper crop, I really want to make it and stock up on Cherry's and make lots of jams.

Back to the scones...I didn't use a recipe for this and just followed the traditional recipe that I used to make with my mam when I was a child.  My mam always swears by the addition of a pinch of mustard to bring out the flavour of the cheese in the scones.  The Kamut flour makes these scones rather dense and heavy but that could also be down to the fact that I didn't have a recipe specifically for kamut flour to follow.  David and I ate the scones for breakfast with a topping of nuttelex (next year I will have to remember the Champagne to toast the race). Delicious!

Kamut Flout Cheese & Chive scones (wheat free) - makes about 6

You will need
  • 2 cups of Kamut flour
  • 65g salted butter
  • Pinch of Dijon mustard
  • Rice milk (or regular milk, I prefer rice milk)
  • 1 cup grated vintage cheddar
  • 1/2 cup grated tasty cheese
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped chives
  • Place the kamut flour in a large mixing bowl, add the butter and mustard and rub into the flour until the mixture resembles fine bread crumbs
  • Stir in the cheese and chives (leave a small amount of cheese to one side to put on top of the scones for decoration)
  • Add small amounts of rice milk and stir until the dough comes together
  • When the mixture is doughy pat into a smooth ball and place on a floured bench.  Roll the dough until it is about 3 cm thick and cut out individual scones until you have used all of the dough
  • Place the scones on a lined baking tray and top with the leftover cheese then brush the tops with a little rice milk so that they will brown a little
  • Bake at 200C for around 15-20 minutes until fully cooked
  • Serve warm with butter or margarine or allow to cool and then freeze for another time to be reheated and served with soups


  1. What a fantastic breakfast! These sound so tasty. Perfect alongside that fresh fruit. x


    Thanks sweetcarolinescooking - they were a delicious start to the day! x

  3. i am so envious of you being able to grow your own chives! And what a delicious way to start your day indeed!