Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chelsea Buns

Currant and fruit peel yumminess
My Saturday class today turned into a comedy of errors, firstly our teacher was away and our replacement teacher was unfamiliar with the products we were making so our lesson went over time by three hours.  Three extra hours in the kitchen would usually be music to my ears but everything seemed to be going wrong, for everyone, not just me.  After a few hours or attempting to make danishes, rolling the dough and resting it, then rolling it again whilst also trying to make a Kugelhof and a set of Chelsea buns we had all but given up.  The Danishes burnt and the Gugelhopf took an age to proof.  Then, the Chelsea buns came out of the oven...success. 

Chelsea Buns
After college I drove north to country Victoria for the night with my friend K. My husband and friends devoured these buns and the danishes (yep, even though they were burnt) when we arrived, I managed to get the picture above before they pounced on all of the rest of the buns. 

Unfortunately, the danishes were not photogenic, so they will not be making an appearance in this post.  I wouldn't usually discriminate but from every angle they looked overdone and inedible, we are making them again for a test in a few weeks so I hope to have prettier pastry to show then.

up close and fruity
Making the Chelsea buns felt more like making a swiss roll with all the rolling and cutting.  I baked the buns on the tray individually but they could be baked close together to become more like a pull apart bread.  The flavour of the fruit in the buns was not overpowering, I'm not a huge fan of very sickly sweet or heavily spiced bread.  The Chelsea buns make a perfect breakfast item with no need for extra toppings, the only thing you really need is a piping hot cup of green tea.

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