Saturday, November 12, 2011

ich mag Kuchen

A traditional German Gugelhopf

A Gugelhopf is a traditional German sweet yeast cake filled with sultanas.  I have to be honest and admit to only ever having tried the chocolate Gugelhopf from several of the bakeries in Acland Street, St Kilda.  The chocolate Gugelhopf is certainly the perfect treat but I never realised the effort required to make a yeast based cake until we made the Gugelhopf in class.

The fruit filled Gugelhopf is actually not particularly sweet, it is quite bread like in texture and could actually benefit from being heated before serving and spread with a little butter.  As the cake is yeast based it requires a lot of proofing time.

ich mag Kuchen!
I would like to visit Germany the next time David and I go to Europe, in fact, I would like to take the time to have an extensive gastronomic trip across the whole of Europe.  One day.  In the meantime I will keep dreaming about the patisseries and bakeries that I haven't seen yet.

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