Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello pastry world!

I’m on a sweet sugary high…last week I enrolled in a Certificate III in Patisserie course which means by November 2011 I will be a fully qualified pastry chef.  I am thrilled that they let me enrol with only one day before the course was due to start. My fellow classmates appear to be feeling the same way as me – stuck in a rut with a great desire to change their current paths. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel…finally. 
I’ve been looking at a variety of online cake blogs and have taken particular interest in a NYC based pastry chef called Anne Thornton – her show is on the food network but unfortunately I don’t have foxtel.  I will be scouring the net for a DVD this weekend and searching for some jaw droppingly good pastry chef books.  My head is swimming with cake decorating ideas and I am starting to collect inspirational images and designs to inspire my future work.
On Thursday I will pop out of the office at lunch time to go to college and buy my pastry ’toolkit’.  It’s an actual toolkit full of pastry chef goodies like chocolate forks and pastry cutters all wrapped and waiting to be used. Wearing my uniform for the first time felt like a step in the right direction and another step closer to getting my hands dirty in the kitchen.

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