Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

A shabby chic Happy Birthday to me

I made a disastrous attempt to make some chocolate mud cupcakes for my birthday.  Disastrous as in: they exploded in the oven kind of disaster.  Given that I’m nearly a fully graduated pastry chef I was shattered that I couldn’t seem to whip up a simple batch of cupcakes.  Having realised that I used the wrong recipe I breathed a sigh of relief, laughed at myself and decided to turn the novelty cake we were making in class into my birthday cake.

Pretty fondant flowers

We were given a brief six weeks ago which stated that we had to make and design a novelty cake for either a wedding or a birthday.  I originally decided to make a wedding cake but I now think the colours are not quite right for a wedding so it became my birthday cake.  The cake inside is a light style fruit cake which I masked in chocolate ganache before covering it in fondant and decorating with the flowers.

I built the cakes over two lessons and I was amazed that it all came together given it was the first time I had attempted to decorate a cake covered in fondant. 

I turned 29 this year so happy birthday to me – almost 30 – yikes!

Here are some things I’m looking forward to in the coming year:
·        Graduating from college as a fully fledged pastry chef (and having my Saturdays back!),
·        Going to the Gold Coast next month for a warm break from Melbourne’s winter,
·        Going back to England to see my family & friends
·        Spending more time in Howqua in the country,
·        Celebrating my second wedding anniversary J
·        Completing a 10km run in October,
·        Having my parents visit Australia in March,
·        My brother and his partner arriving to live in Melbourne for a while next year
·        Eating lots of cake and trying new recipes


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! Wow Julie this is fabulous!! I'm planning on making my wedding cake and trying to decide how to decorate it at the moment. Roses are high on my list :) We also now have a date! 30th December eeek! Looking forward to hearing about your running and hopefully seeing you soon! lots of love xx x x

  2. Hello

    Thanks very much - the cake was really fun to make - Your wedding cake is going to be fab!! Roses are so pretty and surprisingly easy to make - I can show you!! maybe on skype?

    30th December - how exciting!!! I am going to send you an email today - check your inbox.

    Lots of love xxx